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32 Weeks. Wah Boo Hiss.

26 Jun


Me this morning.

How far along: 32 weeks, 2 days.  8 months pregnant!  What what.
Baby is the size of a: honeydew melon, about 4.5 lbs and 19 inches long.
Weight Gain: 18 lbs…see above for visual reference.
Maternity clothes: Yup.  About half the time.  Although today I am just wearing yoga pants and a tee shirt.  Lexie for the win.
Sleep: crazy wack, yo.  I am back to waking up covered in sweat and out of bed every hour to pee.  And I cannot get comfortable.  I am a terribly whiny baby right now, FYI.  Like…I cannot get comfortable for decent sleep at night but I am down to nap for, like, five hours in the middle of the afternoon.
Best moment of this week:  I’m going to say I don’t know.  I have been sick as a dog since Saturday night.  I have a crazy bad cold on top of the typical zero energy that comes with third trimester times, and it is really all I can do to not bitch and moan at everyone (Corey) about everything (my body).  Yesterday for example – I spent about half an hour at the grocery store and had to lay down for three times that long just to get comfortable again.  Then once I felt comfortable…I moved from the couch to the bed and passed the eff out for like three hours.  I am also terrified of sneezing (whichI have to do all the freaking time with this cold) for fear of pissing myself.  So sad.  I feel like my body is so not my own anymore. Baby Girl has completely, officially, monopolized her mama.  At least for this week.  Actually wait…there a couple little things that have saved me from going off the deep end.  Mostly Corey.  Grabbing me for a big, “I love you!” smooch in the morning then grabbing my belly and saying “love you, too!”  Or telling me that I am glowing (which I think may have been night sweats but you take what you can get 32 weeks in.)  Either way, these little things make a big difference and fill me up enough to keep on truckin’.  I love my guy.  So grateful every day.

Miss anything: my people (even more than before, if that is possible), and Wasis.  Also BEER (but I am very, very grateful that God made O’Douls).  I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD NOT CHANGE.  I also miss being able to breathe and smell things and paint my own toes and not sound like an 85 year-old 3 pack-a-day smoker every time I talk/cough.  So attractive.  It is probably pretty obvious to all of you at this point how irresistible I am and how it was impossible for Corey not to knock me up.  Because I am so sexy and everything.
Movement: still very active.  She is starting to hurt me, though.  She’s posted up in my ribs and every movement is either hiccups or a slow grind.  Like she is in there doing her own prenatal yoga or some shit.  I have no idea.  Gold star for being physically active though, baby.
Food cravings: nothing really.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope – heartburn is here with a vengeance.  No matter what I eat/don’t eat I get wicked heartburn.  And it’s never within a logical time frame of when I eat…it’s always, like, three hours later.  Or randomly in the middle of the night.  Tums are my new bestie.
Have you started to show yet: uhm yah. (again, see photo above.)
Gender: girl, girl, girl.
Labor signs: uhm…no.  Braxton Hicks but nothing unusual.
Belly button in or out: in but still flattening out.
Happy or moody most of the time: It has been a rough week.  Basically I have been miserable.  I think it is mostly being sick which has just made my regular tired so much worse.  I promise not to be a moody little bitch next post.  Although, my feet are no longer swollen!  Back to normal for now thank you baby Jesus.
Looking forward to: our Baby-Q this weekend.  It will be nice to hang with friends and grub, and I know Corey is looking forward to the diaper poker tournament too.  Sunday we are doing family/maternity photos and I am excited about that as well.  Should be good times and since it is a professional photographer I am hoping they will be able to airbrush out the sweat and make me look like one fine-ass mama.  We shall see.  Also I bought “World War Z” and have made it all the way to page 5!  So…looking forward to reading a book also.  FYI.


Girly Baby Shower Times

20 Jun

So my family girly baby shower was this past Saturday and it was absolutely fabulous.  It was so, so, beautiful from beginning to end – so well thought out, so many precious details…it was really overwhelming in the best way.  I had seen bits and pieces of things coming together as my family was here for a few days leading up to the main event, so I thought I had some idea of how it was gonna turn out, but really no – I was just blown away from head to toe.  We were kicked out of the house Saturday morning so that everyone could finish setting up for the party.  We had breakfast over at 42nd Street Bagel Cafe then ventured over to Boomers for some miniature golf and arcade games.  FYI – miniature golf is rather difficult with a 30 week belly in your way.  Corey had to place my ball at every hole (that’s what she said?) because bending over that often just..yeah.  Not so much anymore.  Anyway…it was finally time to head back over with everything set up.  Pulling up to our house, we see this:


IMG_4829Love this sign.  I want to hang it in her room, or maybe on her door.

IMG_4831Wishes for Baby Girl.  I had the opportunity to read through some of these later that afternoon, and I had to stop.  So many emotions and so much love for Baby Girl…some of them made me laugh, some of them made me cry, each of them are treasures.  I can’t wait to share them with her someday.

993519_10151739550085522_1697703503_nDessert set up in our kitchen.

1013395_10151739544765522_444043445_nSuper delicious cake, courtesy Creative Cakes.



Table set up.  Flowers, quotes, pregnancy/baby trivia quiz, and handmade felt hearts for each guest to wear.  The hearts are a reference to e.e. cummings’ poem “[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]” which is one of my favorites.  I have actually been trying to think of a way to incorporate this poem into a tattoo for Baby Girl after she arrives (well, not a tattoo for her, a tattoo for me about her.  No need to call CPS, I promise not to ink my baby.)  Anyway, if you’ve never read the poem go here and do it now.

1010040_10151739549730522_1105434992_nDraaanks…Basil Lemonade (which I could consume for days on end) and Vanilla Black Tea.

IMG_4842Food set up.  A variety of salads and PB&J for the kiddos.  Also…dying over the ombre balloons.  So perfect.

DSC00460Food consumed…time for presents!

DSC00461Motorcycle diaper bear from Miss Deanna.

IMG_4830Party favors on the way out…dark and white chocolate baby carriages.  Nom nom.

All in all, it was a fabulous day, and this shower for Baby Girl was far beyond what I had ever imagined.  Corey and I were awestruck with the whole thing.  We felt the love in every detail and I know our little lady did too.  ❤

31 Weeks.

20 Jun


How far along: 31 weeks, 3 days.
Baby is the size of a: head of lettuce. YUM.  She is almost 4 pounds!
Weight Gain: 14-15 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Yup.  Same old, same old.  I did find a fabulous dress for the baby shower last weekend.  It is crazy soft and comfortable and I am considering just sleeping in it from here on out.
Sleep: good nights and bad nights.  I slept about 5 hours straight through last night (that is a MAJOR accomplishment for me at this point) but I also have nights where I toss and turn and am up every hour or can’t go back to sleep.  I think a bit of that pregnancy insomnia is starting to appear.
Best moment of this week:  too many to name.  My amazing family threw a gorgey baby shower for me on Saturday, and it was even better to be able to just spend time with everyone and have them “meet” Baby Girl.  I feel so whole with them around, instead of plane rides away from me.  COME BACK NOW PLEASE. XOXO.  Audrey also graduated from kindergarten (can’t believe it, she was barely 2 when I met her daddy!) so we have had a pretty exciting week in our neck of the woods.
Miss anything: my people (even more than before, if that is possible), and Wasis. Also BEER (but I am very, very grateful that God made O’Douls).  I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD NOT CHANGE.
Movement: still very active.  My mama and sister tagged along to my 30 week appointment last Friday and she was fairly mellow for the heartbeat check, but that is 100% normal.  Heart rate was 136; apparently the bigger they get, their heart rates tend to slow down and regulate a bit.  But..she still moves all the time.  I cannot wait to meet her, but I am also really going to miss feeling this little lady in my belly.  It is such a magical, indescribable feeling.  Really super special.
Food cravings: nothing really.  Iced coffee/blended mochas, etc. have been hitting the spot lately but nothing I absolutely cannot do without.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope – heartburn’ still around though.  So annoying.  Also my sausage feet are pretty gross.  I have officially hit that point in pregnancy where it’s all about elevation, elevation, elevation – and even then they look like puffy puffins all the time.  Blah.  Oh well.  It’s part of the gig, what can you do?
Have you started to show yet: uhm yah.
Gender: girl, girl, girl.  Although we both keep having dreams/feelings that it is still a boy.  I have no idea why this is but we are going to do a 3D ultrasound coming up soon.  I am pretty certain it is still a girl but there is this little voice in the back of my head nagging at me to get it checked again.  Plus…I am stoked on getting a sneak peek at what our little lady looks like in there.
Labor signs: uhm…no.  Braxton Hicks at the end of the day but nothing unusual.
Belly button in or out: in but still flattening out.
Happy or moody most of the time: so, so happy!  This past week was such a blessing, getting to see so much of my family and friends and getting caught up with everyone.  It really did just fill me up.
Looking forward to: my hair appointment this weekend.  Bye, bye roots!  Corey is headed out of town for a bachelor party (not his own, we are not getting secret married or anything) so I am hoping to have time to visit with my sisterpie and nephew, and help my fabulous friend D with details for our baby-q the following weekend.  I am super grateful that Corey also does not have to peace out to Canada for work next week like we originally thought.  I am always better with him here.

Bed Rest Update.

10 Jun


So I am back to work as of last Friday.  Spent last Monday-Thursday in bed watching the Bravo channel and random Netflix documentaries (well sometimes I was feeling rambunctious and laid on the couch) and went back to my doctor on Thursday afternoon, not feeling much better.  Ruled out cysts, hernias, etc and the official diagnosis is just really intense round ligament pains.  Basically I’m getting stretched out as Baby Girl grows and it, ah, hurts.  A lot.  It also has the potential to hurt more the bigger she grows.

So we decided that modified work duty was the best route for me to take now.  I am back at work part-time through the end of July, when I will go out on full-time leave at 36 weeks.  She offered to write me out full time last week but I was absolutely not prepared emotionally/mentally/financially for that so part-time it is.  The good news is I have an incredibly supportive employer and awesome coworkers (I know you bitches are reading this) so the transition has been smooth so far.

I have to say – more rest has really helped.  I can get up and down and in and out of bed without crying or needing some sort of leather strap to bite down on.  I’m not sure if the pain has subsided a bit, or if I have just gotten used to it, but I am feeling better.  It helps knowing I can come home and rest in the afternoons, too.  I don’t mind couch time actually, it’s a nice opportunity to see my feet and say hello.  I am drinking tons of water, Tylenol every 6 hours, warm washcloths as needed, and rest.  That’s my treatment plan.  So far, so good.

30 Weeks.

10 Jun


How far along: 30 weeks.  10 to go!  75% done!  Hooray!
Baby is the size of a: delicious butternut squash, about 3 pounds.
Weight Gain: 14 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Yup.  I need to find about five awesome maxi dresses for the near future – 2 baby showers, maternity pics, and a wedding…so…four.  I need to find FOUR awesome maxi dresses for the near future.  Mommy can’t count.
Sleep: still fairly difficult.  Still up to pee constantly, and I still get super hot and sweaty (down, boys) no matter how I lay or what I wear or how many blankets/sheets I kick off of me.  Last week was a little weird sleep-wise too since Corey was out of town.  I never sleep very well when he’s gone, preggo or not.
Best moment of this week: going back to work (human interaction yay!) and picking up my man from the airport.  So, so, so awkward and strange and icky being without him.  I just feel off.
Miss anything: my people, and Wasis. Also BEER (but I am very, very grateful that God made O’Douls).  I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD NOT CHANGE.
Movement: tons and tons and tons.  I was told to start doing “kick counts” (drink some cold water, lay down, look at the clock, see how long it takes for Baby Girl to make ten movements).  Basically this is entirely unnecessary since she moves constantly (I cannot wait to meet this active little lady!).  Although when I do manage to count, our time seems to be around 5 minutes tops.  She like to move it, move it!
Food cravings: bagel sandwiches.  Like super yummy turkey/cheese/lettuce sammies on a delicious toasted bagel.  Get in mah belly.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope – although my heartburn is making a comeback the last week or two.  I get more appealing every week, huh?
Have you started to show yet: uhm yah.
Gender: girl, girl, girl.
Labor signs: uhm…no.  Braxton Hicks at the end of the day but nothing unusual.
Belly button in or out: in but still flattening out.
Happy or moody most of the time: much happier this week than last!  Corey is home, I am back at work (more to come on that), and my family gets here IN TWO DAYS!
Looking forward to: my girly baby shower this Saturday.  I can’t wait to celebrate Baby Girl with all of the fabulous women in my life.  Also insanely excited that my mama and sister and aunt/uncle are gonna be in town in starting tomorrow.  HOORAY!  I have been craving time with them and I cannot wait to soak them all up!

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